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BrainStorm Tutoring & Arts is a diverse and highly-skilled network of young professionals who use motivation and mentorship to inspire personal and academic excellence in students of all ages. The company is the brainchild of Scott Doty and Ashley DiPetrillo, local graduates (Ramsey HS ‘99 and Ramapo HS ‘98, respectively) who saw a need in their community and have worked diligently to meet it ever since.
Ashley and Scott met at Tufts University, where they both graduated with honors. In 2006 they launched their first baby: BrainStorm. A few years later, after getting hitched, they started creating human babies, too: Alejaya (now age 7) and Teadora (now age 4).
Scott & Ashley are thrilled by the impact BrainStorm is committed to creating an atmosphere in which inspired professionals provide “exuberant learning” opportunities for families, empowering students to experience Dominance on Test Day, Confidence for Life.


Because One-Size-Fits-All Classrooms And Impersonal, Boilerplate Curriculum Is So 20th Century.

BrainStorm was founded to challenge the status quo in education. What did we see that was lacking in American school education and tutoring chains?

  • True Customization
  • Genuine Enthusiasm
  • Inspiring Relationships

We decided these things were really important. So important, in fact, that we built the company around these three ideals.



  • Study Zone
  • Perfectly tailored In-Home Tutoring
  • Dynamic Test Prep ConquerCamps

Specialized Academic Coaching (SAC). Powerful Admissions Consulting. Everything we do reflects our core values of customization, enthusiasm, and relationship.


To experience mental gains, students need mentors: accomplished, deeply caring professionals worthy of emulating. Our top-flight academic mentors are experts at motivating and engaging their students through meaningful relationship.


Unlike many schools and tutoring chains, we are not “C2C”- Committed to a pre-ordained Curriculum. Instead, we are “C2A”- Committed to the Achievement of the individual, on his or her own terms.


While coaching students to short-term numerical success, we instill such deeply valuable life skills as goal setting, time management, poise under pressure, focus stamina, organizational skills, and growth mindset. We want our impact to reverberate for years to come.


Because It Feels GREAT to Be Part of Another People’s Success.

It’s that simple. We love investing our heart and soul into our students and then watching them flourish.

BrainStorm’s mission is to create incredible life opportunities for our students and their families. We want our students to understand how uniquely brilliant they are and to experience.



Our Turf, Your Schedule:

BrainStorm’s 50+ all-star academic mentors cover all school subjects for every age and grade, Kindergarten through College, including English (reading, writing, & grammar), foreign languages (Spanish, French, etc), and all maths & sciences. We also privately coach students in preparation for standardized tests. In addition to measurable educational results, we instill valuable life skills so that BrainStorm makes a long-lasting impact.


BrainStorm’s Study Zone program is designed to provide an environment ideal for focus and personal productivity in the context of busy studentathlete schedules. This unique academic mentoring program is the most powerful, flexible, and motivating small-group experience available to Monmouth County-area students.

Study Zone…What is it?

Skill development (time management, study skills, organization, focus)

Homework/study execution

Access to comfortable, low-distraction environment and other BrainStrom resources.


Preparing EVERY Child To STORM The Test:

Specialized Academic Coaching (SAC) is an educational solution designed for students with learning difficulties. By partnering with the student and incorporating BrainStorm’s core values of customization, enthusiasm, and relationship, the specialized academic coach will empower your child with the strategies and skills necessary to conquer his or her unique challenges.


The skill of test-taking can be learned – and the earlier the better. We’ll help your Brainiac conquer tests like the PARCC, the TerraNova, or the COOP/SSAT/ISEE battery for 8th graders.


BrainStorm’s excellence in comprehensive, customized SAT/ACT prep is second to none. We offer the premier network of test prep coaches in central NJ, available (via partnership) at local high schools, in classes and small groups at our center in Manalapan, or in the form of private sessions in your home. We also offer tutoring for AP and SAT Subject Tests.


Let BrainStorm help take your professional dreams to the next level. We’ll help you prepare for any of the following: MCAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, Let BrainStorm help take your professional dreams to the next level. We’ll help you prepare for any of the following: MCAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, DAT. We’ll coach you through math and grammar content, sophisticated study techniques, and incredibly effective test day strategies. With our help, you’ll ROCK the test and take a massive leap in the direction of your dreams.


Simulation ACT and SAT tests

  • When: Sundays at 8AM by appointment.
  • Where: At Sportika, 150 Woodward Road, Manalapan, NJ 07726
  • Students should be prepared for the almost 4-hour test with pencil, calculator, a beverage and snacks
  • Prior registration is not necessary unless the student is taking a subject test or requires extended time
  • Admission is only $48
  • Results will be provided no later than 48 hours after
  • Your scores, a breakdown of your results, and your Sim test history are available through the portal below.
  • If you’re just starting your test prep process, we offer a STARTER BUNDLE~ one SAT simulation, one ACT simulation, and a follow-up consultation with our Chief Test Prep Guru, for $150. Please call 732-786-3799 to schedule

Your student’s journey to college and then full-time adulthood can be said to begin in 8th grade when high school selection is made. Is your child hoping to attend a local Catholic school or a local private school? Perhaps it’s a Christian high school or even the venerable Monmouth Academies? With BrainStorm’s help on test prep, interview skills, and essay production, your child will STORM the admissions process!


Every high school student dreams of getting that college acceptance letter in the inbox–but it’s no easy task. From discovery (finding the right schools) to strategy (deciding when to apply where) and then essay, application, and interview prep, there is a LOT to do before and during senior year. It’s daunting. But never fear! BrainStorm’s got your back. Our all-star college coaches have helped hundreds of local students gain admission to their dream schools and earn millions of dollars in merit scholarships.


BrainStorm’s core mission is to help ambitious, brilliant individuals to access life opportunities and attain personal goals. We are THRILLED to have helped scores of students gain admission into programs for Medical, Law, Dental, Nursing, Business or various Master’s programs from Social Work to Engineering.

Let BrainStorm’s network of inspiring professional admissions coaches guide you to your dream school! We specialize in the entire process of admissions to high school, undergrad, & grad school, including:
• School List Research • Application Strategy
• Essay Prep • Scholarships… & more!!
• Interviews

• 90-Minute Consultation: $195; $125 w/ Sportika Academy (SA)
• A la carte: $120/hr
• 10 Sessions: $1140 (5% Off Hourly Rate); $1095 with SA
• 20 Sessions: $2160 (10% Off Hourly Rate); $2075 with SA
• Comprehensive: $3060 (15% Off Hourly Rate); $2945 with SA
• Sportika Academy Bundle: $149 for 1 Sim test and a 75-minute





When it comes to students, Scott Doty is on a mission: to equip male and female, young and old for Dominance on Test Day, Confidence for Life. Creating life opportunities is the heart of BrainStorm’s purpose, and Scott is the spearhead of the effort.

When it comes to parents, Scott has a related aim: to empower parents to become engaged, proactive assets to their children’s educational process.

To this end, Scott has launched ScottDoty.TV, a FREE resource for all parents that equips them to enhance their kids’ innate brilliance. To sign up to receive bi-weekly emails containing cutting-edge (and timeless) content, click below or enter your information here!