We are very excited to provide our Sportika families a free membership in CollegeSave, a very valuable Sportika partner! CollegeSave provides guaranteed college scholarships for the children in Sportika families, valid at over 370 colleges and universities in 45 states across the US.   When you join Sportika, you’re entitled to a CollegeSave membership featuring thousands of dollars in tuition discounts at all the participating schools. The colleges cover 100% of the cost of the scholarships, making it possible for Sportika to provide you this very valuable benefit for the children in your family.  Colleges participate in this program to attract more good students like those in Sportika families. And these are very good schools – 80% of them are listed on the US News & World Report ranking of America’s Best Colleges!


GOLD Membership – The Sportika Gold Membership is for families who currently participate in our Soccer, Softball and Baseball academies, Scholar Athlete Camp, as well a few other programs: these families receive $1000 worth of tuition discounts instantly, and earn $250 in additional tuition discounts every month for 12 months – a total of $4,000 in tuition savings, guaranteed at all the participating colleges. And every year you stay with Sportika, you receive an additional $3,000 a year! No maximum amount, just stay and keep earning!  You also NEVER lose your membership credits when you leave Sportika.

SILVER Membership – The Sportika Silver Membership families receive $125 per month worth of tuition discounts for 12 months – a total of $1500 in tuition savings.

BRONZE Membership –  The Sportika Bronze Membership families receive $250 worth of tuition discounts for 4 months  — a total of $1000 in tuition discounts

And there’s more good news – each Sportika family can qualify for multiple CollegeSave memberships and earn tuition discounts in multiple ways – Sportika families can receive up to one full year’s tuition discounts for each child in your family at the participating college they attend.

This is all part of Sportika’s commitment to successful athletes, successful students and successful lives for our children.


With CollegeSave, your family can earn tuition discounts for newborns through students completing their junior year of high school. And the benefit is available to your children, your grandchildren, and even nieces, nephews, cousins, stepchildren, and godchildren.

And there’s more – Sportika CollegeSave members also receive these valuable benefits:

  • Homework Helplines – access to live tutors and video content to help kids with homework and enable them to get good grades in school
  • A Personal College Savings Roadmap – just answer a few questions in the CollegeSave member portal and get a personalized report detailing how much you’ll need to save to cover college costs for the kids in your family
  • A monthly SmartSavings newsletter — with a feature story each month on planning and saving for college and tips on squeezing $100 more each month out of tight family budgets for additional college savings