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Virtual Learning @ Sportika Brainstorm

Ages: 7+

Start Date: 9/8/2020

Succeeding during the upcoming school year seems to be about embracing what everyone is calling a “new normal.” Partial or fully virtual learning is clearly the direction in which most schools districts are headed, leaving parents-- especially working parents-- to face the question “How do I get my kids out of the house this year to experience the academic support and social connection they need?”

Sportika Brainstorm wants to help answer that question.

Sportika will be offering three different programs that can be used to provide parents a place for their children to tackle the virtual school day in small group settings... and then connect with peers and burn off some energy using our 170,000-sq-ft facility for various state approved activities, including arts & crafts, sports, games & more!

Option 1: Brainstorm Small Group Tutor

Mon-Fri 9am-12pm

Price: $40 Per Day

  • Students will bring their own laptop/headphones;

  • Provides a place for a student to be in a small group distanced 6 ft apart at their own individual workstation;

  • BrainStorm’s Director, and/or a highly accomplished and certified tutor, will provide customized coaching and feedback, assisting students through all classwork;

  • Participants will also access enrichment opportunities and additional resources to supplement their schoolwork;  

  • Space is quite limited, so securing your spot early is recommended.

Option 2: Classroom Monitor

Mon-Fri 9am-12pm

Price: $30 Per Day

  • Students will bring their own laptop/headphones;

  • Students will be placed in cohorts across the facility and work in individual stations 6 feet apart;

  • A trained Sportika staff member will provide basic assistance to students, ensuring they stay on task and complete their daily assignments via virtual learning; and

  • Students will enjoy a clean, safe environment conducive to focus and productivity.

Option 3: The Ultimate Sportika Experience

Mon-Fri 12:30-3:30pm

Price: $35 Per Day

  • After a day of Virtual learning, students will get an opportunity to get some energy out.

  • Sportika staff will provide a wide variety of activities that could be compared to the related arts portion of their schools days.

  • Students will have opportunities to participate in arts & crafts, basketball, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, futsal, kickball, wiffle ball & more!

Additional Details & protocols:

  • All students & staff will have temperature checks through our walk-through thermometer. Anyone above 100.4 will not be permitted.

  • Each day at drop off, the parent or guardian will fill out a quick screening form to help ensure our facility remains virus free.

  • All workstations and equipment will be disinfected and cleaned as per CDC guidelines.

  • Students will remain with their small groups throughout the day to ensure their isn’t any cross contamination between groups.

  • Students may bring their own lunch to eat at their workstation between programs if staying the duration of two programs. Sportika will provide a place to keep refrigerated if necessary.

  • Any 5 days of one program and get 10% off!

  • Sportika Brainstorm will provide any additional resources or programs for each student to help them in addition to the support throughout the day.

  • Sportika will have various programs available to students after the Ultimate Sportika Experience so students can stay without having to go home first!

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